Who is ben chaplin dating

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Emma Watson flashed her figure-fixing underwear in this dress (left) at the premiere of film Noah.Douglas Booth, right, revealed that he too worries about flashing his underwear in front of the cameras After Emma Watson made a control pants faux pas on the red carpet of her new film Noah last week – flashing her figure-fixing underwear in a dress slashed to the thigh – fellow actor and friend Douglas Booth, 21, admits he suffers his own concerns about revealing far too much in front of the flash bulbs.‘But if it’s just ho-hum, I’ll speak English.’ Right, glad we’ve got that out of the way.Chaplin, who greets me with a warm hug, is actually answering a question about how it feels to do most of her acting in her third language – English – when she was brought up speaking Spanish in Cuba and French in Switzerland.

Lily, 25, left, hasn’t fallen for Prince Charming in the film but Ben Chaplin, 44, right, who plays Cinderella’s father.The premise for the film is fairly good, but the overall execution is just so-so.Nicole Kidman gives a really good performance (worthy of a better film) but Ben Chaplin is just OK.When a disgraced former college dean has a romance with a mysterious younger woman haunted by her dark, twisted past, he is forced to confront a shocking fact about his own life that he has kept secret for 50 years.

Turning her back on her wealthy, established family, Diane Arbus falls in love with Lionel Sweeney, an enigmatic mentor who introduces Arbus to the marginalized people who help her become one of the most revered photographers of the twentieth century.

But it doesn’t feel too cheeky a stretch, given that Chaplin is starring in Dates, C4’s new series of amorous short stories.