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Daniel sought Chelsea for help to convince Kate to see a doctor and Kate finally agreed.She had tests done, including a lung biopsy, which revealed that she had lung cancer.* Was able to get surgery on his hands and was back to doing surgery. * Dated Nicole Walker and helped her hide from EJ that she was pregnant with his baby. * Was the target of teenage JJ Deveraux’s anger when he returned to Salem following Jack’s death. * Helped Nicole try to prove Eric Brady had been drugged and raped by Kristen Di Mera.* Was drugged, collapsed during surgery and temporarily suspended.

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Chelsea made him see that wouldn't happen with them and Daniel finally gave in to his feelings for Chelsea.

He was caught between his feelings for her and his fears of the past repeating itself, but his feelings for Kate were lessened once he got to know Chloe Lane Black, and fell in love with her.