Wpf combobox text not updating

28-Aug-2015 02:41

(Yes, I could have published an XBAP sample, but I was not willing to give up the glow effect used for the selected character…which is, incidentally, achieved using a Drop Shadow Effect in the new effects pipeline.) Even in the new pipeline, Drop Shadow Effect is a rather expensive effect because it requires multiple passes.For example, a Stack Panel arranges its children sequentially, beginning with the first child and stacking subsequent children one right after the other.However, a Loop Panel really eases the concept of a “first” child. The pivotal child is the element around which the remaining children are arranged. Then its neighboring siblings (the subsequent and preceding members of the children collection) are placed, working away from the pivotal child in both directions until all remaining visible children are arranged.I had some extra time this weekend, so I refactored one of my early looping panels into something that might be useful for a wider audience.

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Actually, only the whole portion of the Offset value is considered when determining the index of the pivotal child.

The Loop Panel Layout Algorithm Whenever I’m creating a new panel, I start by clearly defining its layout algorithm.

This allows me to identify the exact properties that will be necessary to support the new layout.

If you are actually developing for Surface, be sure to check out the , I would highly recommend it as a foundation for this article.

The Loop Panel Sample Application To give you a better understanding of the panel examined within this post, you can run this Click Once Loop Panel sample application.

The class supports dragging its items in a manner similar to the Surface app launcher.

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