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They should just do the parodies of the TV show in English.--Reality Check (Tovah: Oh now Belma baby-- I gotta ask yo' now: Did you make this Chocolate covered butter stick?Originally posted by MADMADMAD Ian, you have to have some knowledge of Spanish to understand the parodies.The UBS Guy , so Phil La Marr’s hyperactive “UBS” delivery guy Jack was the first character I remember liking on the show.Swan s most remembered character, Stuart’s only competition is Alex Bornstein as the annoying slowpoke Ms.I wish never to wake up from this dream Im in right now.-early november Originally posted by koolboee cdmo87 Oh BTW I agree about the "Three's Company" Spanish parody..I actually love that sketch that Mad Dog mentioned, the way they obsessed over the crackers..

(And I'm Belma Buttons.) And this is, reality check.Tovah: OOh, baby, this is so good I outtta bust 'ya in da head with a car engine!