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When the night jailer came around to check the roll, he noted Robert Knievel in one cell and William Knofel in the other.Knofel was well known as "Awful Knofel" ("awful" rhyming with "Knofel") so Knievel began to be referred to as Evel Knievel ("Evel" rhyming with "Knievel").When the population grows, the elk have since been regularly captured and relocated to areas of Montana, Wyoming and Idaho.After returning home to the west from Washington, DC, Knievel decided to stop committing crimes.

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The United States Olympic Committee wound up paying the Czechoslovakian team's expenses to avoid an international incident.

After his conspicuous trek (he hitchhiked with a 54-inch-wide (1.4 m) rack of elk antlers and a petition with 3,000 signatures), he presented his case to Representative Arnold Olsen, Senator Mike Mansfield, and Interior Secretary Stewart Udall.

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