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Scottish Masonic symbolism is one obvious difference from the rest of the Masonic world and we shall begin therefore by presenting some Scottish Masonic jewels.

In contrast to A Scottish Past Master's Jewel this is a Past Master's Jewel of an English Lodge (image on the right-hand side) albeit one founded for ex-patriate Scots in London. There are many different kinds of Masonic jewels, many people would describe them as medals, but Freemasonry has it's own vocabulary, ritual, symbolism - in fact it has an entire 'language' of it's own jewels are one small part of that language.

A Masonic Bowie Knife from Texas (Bowie was a Freemason) to a Masonic Zippo lighter (!

) are a few modern items to have been 'made' Masonic.

A Past Master's jewel is that which is awarded to someone who has served as Master of a Lodge.

The period is typically a year but there are many Lodges in Scotland where two year's service is expected.

Past Master's jewels are often the most ornate because they indicate the recognition that Lodge members have for the individual who lead the Lodge for a certain period of time.

It can be seen therefore that this kind of jewel can only be worn by a certain kind of Freemason - those who have been Masters of a Lodge.

Please note that the Museum is closed at particular times of year. The Museum houses the oldest Masonic Records in the world (those of Lodge Aitcheson's Haven dating from January 1599), the famous 'Burns Inauguration' painting, numerous Masonic Artifacts - including Jewels, Ceramics, Clocks and Watches, and the records of the membership of many Famous Scottish Freemasons both at home and overseas.More traditional items as mentioned previously include glasses, clocks and oil paintings.In addition there are numerous items kindly donated by Freemasons or their relatives and it is by this means that the collection primarily continues to grow.I always knew that this state was a great place to find a fun guy.

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